Who is STP Really

So to see what I have been doing click the pig:

Studio STP

So aside from all this science, what do the initials STP stand for? Well would you believe STP is Stanley the Pig? Yep true as true can be and it is the nom de plume I use when signing my bricolage sculpture pieces. STP is a longtime resident of Fallbrook, CA, and a sometimes sculptor.  

Over the years, I have developed an appreciation for the juxtaposition of cast away objects - bits of metal, weathered wood, bones, and shells, and how they interact with an environment that binds them all together.  I have accumulated dozens and dozens of objects during my travels and held on to them because they were “interesting.”  Over time interesting objects evolved into experimentation with assemblages of little found treasures and other available materials. Stacking and unstacking, welding and cutting, machining and twisting, painting and sandblasting – progressing from clutter and chaos, to simple and structured.  Without a formal art education, I have drawn upon my background as a mechanic, boat builder, inventor, and marine scientist to create pieces that incorporate the natural beauty of found objects with common structural materials.  The principal focus of my art is perspective change, a point of view that blends balance and tension.  Over the past several years, some of my sculptures have been exhibited at the San Diego County Fair where several have won awards and at the Fallbrook Art Center.

The gallery below are some of the pieces I have created over the last several years. Not sciency for sure, but fun for me. Click on any thumbnail and the image will enlarge in to a slideshow. - Ciao for now, STP